Valve must allow users to resell Steam games, French court rules

Could be a big thing if it spreads… ! wonder what Valve’s reaction will be. Can French court decisions be replicated in other EU countries?

A French court has made a monumental ruling with regards to the legality of preventing users from reselling legitimately purchased digital games on Valve’s PC gaming storefront. The court states that players should be able to sell Steam games which they’ve bought, rescinding ownership in the process just like with a physical media video game.


Very interesting! I wonder how many of us just got used to not being able to do that? Will we go back to network play codes to activate new games and if resold the new owner needs to buy a new code?

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This could be interesting, if you for instance cannot refund a game, you could sell it at a lower price perhaps. But this also leaves the question of how steam sales would work with re-selling, buy for a low price then sell it later for higher, ultimately ending up with you making money. Also will regional restrictions still be in apply?

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Well Steam could potentially make a lot of money from this if they handle it like the sale of cards or items. With those Steam always take a cut of each sale (I think the developer also gets a portion) so everytime a game is resold Steam would then make a bit of cash.

Region restrictions will definitely apply, there would be far too much potential for abuse of regional pricing elsewise.

Thing is I’m sure developers would fight this ruling, it could hurt game sales big time.

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Unless Valve implements a system where both it and the dev gets a cut of the resale price. Maybe like 1% for Valve, 9% for the dev (lol, like that would ever happen)?

If this is done right it’ll kill platforms like G2A, except for those games that have been pulled from the store for whatever reason.


Maybe this is all a plot to get more developers to move to the Epic Store :laughing:


Thing is, if it was Epic driving it, I’m sure they’d have to do the same on their store in France (actually regardless of who was driving it)

Maybe I can get a cheap copy of BL3 if I end up in France…


I really do care not being able to sell my games, to me they are memories which I like to revisit from time to time. I also think this whole refund thing is a bit of a joke. For example, buying a game for R300 and the next day its going for R150 and you demand a refund? Stick to your choices and man up. If I buy a washing machine for R4000 on Wednesday and it goes on sale for R3500 on Friday, its just bad luck.

I do agree however, if a game is very bad or falsely advertised and there is a huge overall outcry, like No Mans Sky, Fallout 76, Aliens Colonial Marines, etc. Then refund.

Lastly, I have no issue with the Epic store, if they end up giving more money to the devs, WIN! Honestly, the setup takes a few mins to set up and then you are set until you reinstall.

The thing that worries me about DRMs (Besides GOG) is what happens should STEAM die, like Valve goes belly up.