Victory Road

Game is coming out March 10th (barring any major last second issues).

In Victory Road , players will assume the role of a boxing coach and meticulously plan each day’s training and meals. Players will be able to customize their boxer through adjusting his training routine to emphasize the growth of specific stats, altering his fighting style, and changing his equipment and special techniques. Matches take place in real-time using a fighting game-inspired engine, and can be won or lost depending on the advice shouted to your boxer. Boxers will gradually learn unique fighting styles, combos, and techniques depending on how the player guides him.

This looks pretty cool. I think @Stefan would like this.

Is it just my net or is the first video not loading?

@SIGSTART can you help me here why are the things not loading?

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It’s not just you. The first video is not loading for me either. And the Steam link shows as “Error Unable to load information about this item”.

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Don’t like boxing so not one for me. Thanks for the mention thought.

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A cool np though of the management side of it :slight_smile:


The first video is loading for me on mobile, but not the Steam link. I’ll check when I’m home.