Video games & Subtitles

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Do you enable subtitles in games?

I enable them when it is a language I don’t understand (if spoken language in certain scenarios are not by default of the game shown to the player without the need for subtitles to be enabled). Sometimes crucial information is revealed.

Another reason:

I feel that subtitles breaks immersion, also force of habit compels me to read them, even if the spoken language is English, and it’s clearly audible.


I always enable it, even on movies I watch, irrespective of the language.

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I tend to leave them off if they are not on by default - since I read faster than the characters speak and sometimes the subtitles can be “spoilerish” if they don’t take into account pauses or action on screen.

Most RPG’s have subtitles in dialogue and so sometimes I’ll skim read and advance the conversation ahead if it’s not too gripping.

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When the story is the reason I’m playing the game, I tend to enable subtitles.

Just had the voice over break at inconvenient moments in Mass Effect too many times.

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I always make sure they are off. It breaks the immersion for me when they are on.

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I usually leave the subtitles on. It helps me make sure I get all the info of the story. I mostly play games for the story in any case.


I tend to turn on subtitles in most games, especially if they are story driven. In FPS games though I’ll usually leave them off.

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It depends - I have learnt to leave them on, but then sometimes I get frustrated cos I read faster than the cutscene - it drives me insane and then I tend to skip cutscenes - so these day if its a first play thru I leave them off.

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I always leave them on.

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I feel that this is appropriate for this thread :rofl:


yes I have sub titles on because I tend to day dream in cut scenes. Also my hearing is not that great.