VR Haptic Glove

I haven’t tried VR yet but it is something I really would like to do.

For those who have tried it, or who own a VR device, this might be of interest.
It is a prototype haptic glove (i.e. your hand can feel what you touch in VR). I’m sure this takes the immersion to a next level. Previous gloves simulated touch by vibrating when you touched something, however this one lets you feel what you’re touching.

When the company says “realistic touch,” it means the gloves let you feel the shape, texture and even temperature of whatever you’re holding – you can even feel if an object is hard or soft. That’s right; the gloves will actually prevent your hand from going through virtual objects.

Source for quote: engadget

Company website: HaptX


There’s another Item for the Christmas list

Wow nice!

To be honest, I haven’t used my Oculus Rift much lately. It gets so hot. It’s such amazing technology but there are some things they have to sort out.

should have gotten the Vive :stuck_out_tongue: