Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Is anyone excited for Vermintide 2? It would be good to have reliable players to team with.

Currently the game is in closed beta and due for launch on 8 March.

I am but fking hell there is just too many games on my list that i need(want) to buy in march.

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Yeah, stoked. Some friends and I played the stuffing out of the original Vermintide so we’ve pre-ordered the sequel, but today was the first chance I’ve had to play in the closed beta.

Looks like it’s going to be a fun game.

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Ah hell. I didn’t even play the first one so number 2 will not be bought anytime soon.


You won’t need to have played the first to keep up with the narrative. Just kill vermin and Chaos!

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I must still play through the first one as well. I tried getting it nominated for the latest Game Club challenge - but maybe we can do it for a MEWME evening or two.

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You guys want to jam it today for a bit?

Sadly I don’t even have it installed at the moment.

Neither do I but we should make a plan some time

Anyone want to play this tonight a bit?

I saw your posse is playing this nonstop - how are they liking it?

They are such Warhammer fanbois and are loving it.

The Vermintide games are like Left 4 Dead, but with the combat dialled up to 11. It’s the only game I can think of where describing it the combat as “visceral” would not be abuse of the term.

We played the first one to death, so it was almost guaranteed the second one would be popular.

There are niggles, but the visceral combat makes up for the odd bug or class balance issue.

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That is awesome, I have wanted to pop in and say hi - but I figured the action would be heavy :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you guys played with Crzwaco?

No I’m never online when @crzwaco is looking for a party :frowning:

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Anyone still playing this? Need a party to jam with as im newish to the game?

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I got this somewhere (think a bundle) and would be keen to try it properly!


I will play if you guys catch me around :slight_smile:



come visit more often dammit!

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