Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion // Resist

In the near future, London is facing its downfall. After devastating terror attacks caused by a mysterious entity called Zero Day rock the city, an all-seeing authoritarian state has oppressed the people, a corrupt private military corporation controls the streets, and a powerful crime syndicate is preying on the vulnerable. The fate of London lies with you, and your ability to recruit a resistance and fight back.

Out on 29 October (tomorrow), the third instalment of the Watch Dogs franchise has the distinction of not having a main character for you to play. Any of the 9 million-odd Londoners can be recruited to join the DedSec Resistance. Yip, all the NPCs are in fact APCs, but that also means that every character that you recruit and play as is expendable. Permadeath, gone for good. So don’t get too emotionally attached to the team you put together.

Learn all about the game with Barb and Aidan in this very amusing, college classroom 101 (obviously NSFW for language and gratuitous violence):

IGN reviews it with a 8/10 - Great:

Meanwhile, Gamespot gets to the same conclusion in it’s heavily detailed review:

Co-op comes in December, but here’s another amusing classroom 101 look at how co-op plays. Aidan plans to go in all stealthy, but Barb is all about “fuck the plan”:

Here’s IGN’s Ronny Barrier with the 12 things to do first in WD:L

The game launches on Windows 10 PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Stadia, with XSX and PS5 versions ready at console release too.

Your purchase options are:

  • via Epic Games Store @ $57.99 / ~R950 (which is the cheapest outright purchase option that I can find, although I’m sure you may be able to find it for cheaper or with a bigger discount if you look hard enough).

  • or The UbiStore @ €59.99 / R~1155 for PC;

  • the Xbox Store for XB1/XSX @ R1199;

  • or the PlayStation Store @ R1199 for PS4/PS5

Those prices are for the Standard Edition. There is a Gold and an Ultimate Edition available as well. Obviously for much more monies (€100 and €120 respectively).

At those prices, if you are PC able, it makes some sense to take out a one month subscription to the Ubisoft+ service at €14.99 / ~R290 for a month or two instead of an outright purchase though.

More game videos, info and news on the official Watch Dogs site:


I’ve lost interest in Watch Dogs games of late. They’re entertaining for the most part but not to be taken too seriously. I am intrigued as to the evolution of the series and what they’re doing with it and interested to see what they do with this one, but in no urgency to play it.

One thing I love about this franchise is that it really has a certain flair about it that looks like the studio really has creative freedom to express quite freely. As a creative I appreciate that.

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Very good point, and very evident in this 3rd game in the franchise - more than in the previous games, imo.


Definitely want to give this a whirl while I’m still subbed to Ubisoft +, but first I need to finish AC Valhalla.

Edit: OK I tried it out just to switch up AC Valhalla and I’m not feeling it at all. Maybe because I’m invested in Valhalla right now but Legion isn’t doing it for me (at the moment).

Watch Dogs Legion Online comes, well online I guess, on 9 March. No details yet, other than the tweet, but I’m sure more info will be out soon:


Console online still launching tomorrow, mostly.

Here’s an idea of what to expect once WDL:Online does get sorted…


There’s a rumour that Watch Dogs: Legion is coming to Game Pass.

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Yip, saw that crypric Tweet. Would it be the first Ubisoft title on Game Pass, or are there some already there?


I have no idea really.

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I actually can’t think of any Ubisoft titles that are available on Game Pass.

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Rainbow Six Siege


Aah yes, good spot.

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I thought For Honor was on Game Pass at some stage?

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Don’t know about on Game Pass, it was a Games With Gold game though.

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You be correct sir.

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I’d been hoping that Watch Dogs: Legion Online would launch this week with a greater sense of purpose than I’d seen in a preview of the mode two months ago. But it hasn’t, really. If anything has changed since January, it’s my realization at just how empty an open-world multiplayer experience is when only three other players can join it.


Well, that’s disappointing for those who were hoping for something more akin to The Division-style multiplayer. Still, I guess there is scope to grow and improve WDL: Online over the next while.

That so little (if anything) is shared between the main game and the online mode is weird. Different wardrobes and separate rosters of activists on your team? That makes no sense.

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There is a free weekend (as well as discounted price) on this for all platforms this weekend. The download should be live on all platforms right now and it unlocks at 18:00 to start playing.

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There’s another Ubi effort this weekend to get some sales it seems. Legion is heavily discounted -80% through until 2 February.

All four editions (which in its own way is infuriating!) are 80% off, so from R200 for the Standard through to R400 for Ultimate.