Watching Twitch

So I tried to watch some twitch stream of yesterdays Orena Takealot Battle Royale. But it keeps on buffering. Its the same problem like I always had.

Are you guys able to watch a twitch stream without buffering? I can watch youtube fine though 80% of the time.

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Not on our 3MB line. We should be getting 10MB soon, but I still have my doubts it’ll be watchable.

Weird, I normally have buffering on all streams but twitch was running smooth. I have an 8mb line

Twitch works ok for me on pc (10meg), but use any of the apps on mobile or console and it repeats a couple of seconds every time it changes quality.

no problems on my side. was able to stream and play last night without any buffering, but i have a 20 mb fibre line

Twitch is notorious for that, I have a 20MB fibre and have the same issue, friend of mine has 40mb vdsl and same thing, the live streams seem to be worse than watching it afterwards as well.

Twitch didn’t work at all for me on my wireless connection. Now that I’ve got fibre it finally works right. My wireless connection was 10mbs so it’s shocking that it didn’t work on there.

Twitch is a bastard. Sometimes its fine, sometimes it’s not. I have a 100mb line and still have issues with it sometimes. I really wish youtube live streaming was the one that took off.

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My 10mb adsl buffers on twitch, my LTE plays it flawlessly (it ranges from 30-70mb dl). A friend of mine streams on twitch, if anyone is interested have a look and see how that plays back (720p stream)

Watching a fair amount of e-sports has also shown me the light that is youtube. holy crap.

Where (on my 10Mb fibre) i can sometimes only watch comfortably on 480p on twitch, youtube goes 1080p60fps? NO PROBLEM!) if its available there as well. I also prefer the gaming.youtubes platform over the twitch platform, since im not in it for the chatroom.

i’d say on a 4Mb line you’d probably struggle to watch 480p. would have to be the right time of day (ie when nothing is good to watch anyway)

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This is one of the reasons I streamed to YouTube during the Borderlands MyGame.

I wonder how much of that has got to do with Google’s CDN / domestic caching?

There was a stage I was helping a local peering provider run tests with the MyBroadband / MyGaming userbases to help collect data to convince Twitch to launch local servers. Sadly that doesn’t seem to have happened.

So Google has (a) node(s) for YouTube locally, while Twitch does not have a local cache, and that seems to be making all the difference.

Based on your description it seems to be a connection/ISP issue, but it might have been the connection the Orena guys were using to stream too.

It sounds like others were able to stream fine, so it’s probably on your side :frowning: