Weirdest way someone killed a pc/laptop

So my mum has a track record killing laptops - from liquids over the keyboards, dropping it on the screen, having the dogs pull the laptop off the couch.

The latest one is killing it with tinfoil. . . .

Yes, you read it right. She managed to break her 4th charger (at the plug pin). This time it was a universal charger, so we managed to find a replacement pin but it wasn’t a 100% fit. So instead of just telling me and getting a new charger, she wrapped some tinfoil around the pin and plugged it in. . . .

Fried the motherboard.

I always thought the stories are made up, but jislaaik. This one was a new jind of special. I just had no words.


while this is a “story” and didnt happen to me, having worked with many a stupid people i dont believe it is made up.

Guy came in complaining that the new ram he’d bought was causing the pc to not work. turns out he had bought the wrong ram, gone home, couldnt fit it (due to the offset slots that are different for different RAM types) and decided to do some home DIY. Took a file and filed the slits into the ram so it would fit in his motherboard…


this thread is making me cringe

That was the idea :stuck_out_tongue: And to provide people with a giggle

I’ve killed 2 laptops working out in the heat in Graaf Reinet on the tops of the mountains and reservoirs with telemetry equipment. The first one the screen went all colours and died, the second the hard drive went. They just overheated to death.


I am glad to say i have never killed a laptop, my previous 13 inch Dell XPS i reluctantly gave to my mom, i knew she wasnt gonna look after it like i did but surprisingly it is still working.

I like my current bland looking think-pad alot, the case is magnesium, i have dropped it accidentally once and nothing happened, and the keyboard is spill proof with drainage holes at the bottom. my recently out of warranty 1tb hard drive was giving sector allocation errors but i did a low level format and that fixed it (from what i can see at the moment)

My dad on the other hand has killed about 3 laptops already, 2 needed LCD’s and one has a broken power switch. I always get him second hand laptops cause i know how the story ends with them