What are you listening to?





Went to gym this morning and pumped Chevelle so hard! Struggle to find new music that compares to bands like Chevelle and SOAD


Mmm, so you lean more to heavyish rock.

Art of Dying
Demon Hunter
Sick Puppies

Ive been listening to this incredible band:

every song on the Worlds Apart album is just monstrosouly amazing.


Benea Reach

You’ll be pumped at gym for sure.


This is my good from who lives in PE. If you’re into heavy music please check it out.


When I am told to work past 12 hours in one stretch come crunch time with no such thing as overtime pay existing in my contract, playing this at top volume helps me focus through the exhaustion and frustration.

Probably because I can clearly remember playing this over and over again while doing my last prac painting in an all night session for my matric art practical in 1986.



Been listening Chris Tomlin’s latest album of late, really powerful.




Last one for today. :slight_smile:




Wow this is interesting. I really do not like growling in my metal but this adds the melodic to it and it is … a little paradigm blowing for me.

Will have to give it more of a listen


If there’s no growling then it’s not metal :stuck_out_tongue:


I used to love Eluveitie when they were still quite in the underground scene… Specifically their days on (now defunct) Fear Dark records. Their first full length, Spirit, is still my favourite one to this day, with Tegernako being the best song on the album (imho).



Best Melodic Death band there is.

There are a few that come close, such as Dark Tranquility or Omnium Gatherum, but Insomnium is the best.


Awesome song that us fathers can relate to.