What are you listening to?


The music thread isn’t really ideal for this. What are you currently listening to?

MEW Music Thread

How does Discourse handle Google Play links?



I tend to listen to ASOT but on most days i Listen to DI-radio Chill music


Wolves at the Gate and Showbread.

Showbread is most interesting, the band reminds of a democratic more straight up rock version of Marylin Manson.


With the stress and constant work that I have to do, I’ve been getting back into Slipknot.


I can’t get Youtube videos linked on mobile. All it shows is the link - not the actual thumbnail.


Links are fine. Maybe it will still show as the videos for the rest of us?


I checked the preview window and it just showed the link. Which looks lame


Post the links and I’ll edit it and make it show the videos.


This is what I tried to post yesterday


This is my new obsession. Can not get enough.


I don’t know how he fancy shit works so that the thumbnail comes up.

But the band is Royal Blood. Just a bassist and a drummer. Yes I know the two man band thing is beginning to become a bit of a cliche, but my god the sound of these two guys is just massive. Love it.


Been listening to Legends of the Shire for quite a bit recently. And I’m getting back into Haken as well, after a too-long absence from my playlist. Affinity is SUCH a good album!


Discovered Iron & Wine, nice and easy to listen to during the day at work


It’s so good - I’ve decided LotS is my favorite album from last year.

I’ll give Affinity a listen - your previous recommendation has become a staple of my playlist.


You have to enjoy and appreciate prog to like Haken though. The vocals take the most to get used to… But they write damn fine music. Also give Myrath (Tales of the Sands and Legacy) and Orphaned Land (All is One) a spin if you’re up for some MENA flavours. Legacy was my top album of 2016. It’s very approachable and even my wife loves the opening track(s).

Lastly, Anubis Gate is always a winner in melodic prog arenas, with Horizons being my favourite album of theirs. The song writer and vocalist wrote Disciples of the Sun for Pyramaze…


Gave Haken and Myrath a quick listen on my phone, definitely something I need to listen to on my home sound system to fully appreciate. Can only find a handful of Orphaned Land albums on Deezer - not the one you mentioned.


Google Play and Apple Music both have the album… You can also watch the videos of All is One and Brother on Youtube. The closing track is probably my favourite on the album.


Yeah I actually totally noobed that - it was right there on Deezer the whole time, but they’re kind of promoting their new album.

Myrath Legacy is a damn fine album. Also 1985 from Haken’s album is fcking amazing.


I absolutely detest their latest offering. Their collaborated with Amaseffer, which on their own did an amazing concept album with Slaves for Life.

And Legacy will keep growing on you as well! You’ll notice that “The Unburnt” is about a certain dragon queen from a very popular book / TV series…

I love the retro feel Haken have in the song, but The Endless Knot is definitely my favourite song on the album. Do yourself a favour and listen to The Cockroach King from their album The Mountain. It’s got a very weird, psychobilly / jazz flavour to it, but it really is quite cool. Like I said, Haken really knows how to write music, but it really is an acquired taste.