What are you listening to?


Enjoying these currently (old and new):


Also enjoying anything Don Diablo currently:


Interesting one if you read before the video starts:


One of the most brilliantly arranged/ ochestrated metalcore songs. pure art.


bud pulled off a major album, loving it


I am so out of tune with new music it is not even funny.

Nothing new seems to do the same to me. Maybe I have changed, I dunno.

The old SOAD, Chevelle, In Flames, Linkin Park, Kill Switch hit the sweet spot for me. New music seems to come and go, fading faster and faster.


Started listening to them the other day again.


I have lots of their songs that I link to a specific game and area. Lots of it being WoW, and then CS Source Surfing !


Wiked song


So for those of you who love Breaking Benjamin the album is out and I am in love

Its heavier than their older stuff, well done tho.


Whaat? Is it out. I had a reminder on my trello for it, can’t seem to find it now though. So getting that.


Im in love with this album


Ok got it on itunes. Waiting for it to download. Then… :slight_smile:

And copying to the car flash. It’s on


It’s pretty good - the bits I’ve heard.


I have to say I am impressed with it. This guy’s voice just gives me goosebumps


Fun little video. Catchy tune.


Carpenter Brut’s new album is just the absolute bomb. For those of you that don’t know it, check out the song below:




Sounds cool. Kinda like Within Temptation. The drummer is working those ‘pedals’ :grinning:


Yeah I’ve also been listening to this, it’s a really good album.