What are you listening to?


Actually reminded me more of Myrath tbh


I can hear what you’re referring to in the vocalist, but the music itself lacks the MENA influences of Myrath.



/off topic


Moomin is always on topic. He’s the original troll face!



A more subtle and well put together Trap remix


Dig that Fractal Gates track. Reminds me of Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum.


It definitely bears a resemblance to both those (amazing) bands. I only discovered the new album today.



I’m listening to the complaints and ramblings of colleagues.

Also this:

This song is actually very special to me. It’s a song I can easily see as the trailer song or the opening movie for some type of medieval game. In fact I would’ve said that it would be great for an Age of Empires style game. the whole song tells a story that would fit well with the opening movie of such a game. Well at least in my head.


yes man! I love ABR to bits!





Good memories of Mage: the ascension RPG with a group of kids when I used to be a teacher back in the day:


This is now my new favourite song: