What Badge title did you choose for yourself?



We’ve all gotten a few badges by now for completing gameclubs. Part of what the badge does is also allow you to select your title from that badge.

So why did you chose the title that you did?

I went for Horseman of the Apocalypse because it sounds cool.


My saved the Traveler badge - its nothing special but memoooooooooooooooooories!


Oooo nice, I didn’t know you can do that. I picked YOU DIED because only the elite have it.


In case people don’t know…

Not all badges grant titles. I decided to experiment with our special community awards to see if y’all like it.

If you have ideas for cooler titles for the #gameclub challenges, please let me know.

With @Wyvern’s help, I’ve now finished the badges for #threadkiller. #mvp is next, and then I’m going to try and create a unique title/badge for everyone who participated in the #balls-of-steel challenge. That way you’ll always be able to revert back to your community-selected title, no matter what shenanigans @Wyvern gets up to when she’s bored :smiley:

EDIT: Also, I’ve kept my “ez pz” title which @Wyvern generously bestowed upon me for being a noob.


Fate is my b!tch, well not in so many words but that is basically what it means :stuck_out_tongue:


Noice. Updated the badge title to “Master of Fate”. Let’s not make our Google overlords angry with naughty words in our titles :stuck_out_tongue:


“Unravelled the mysteries of fate” sounds cooler tho :smiley:

Edit: And it seems as long i do not change my title it will stay this way woot


Haha, fine. Change reverted :stuck_out_tongue: (with a minor change to the description).


Obviously I went for the Destiny 2 title. Partly because I didn’t complete many MyGames / GameClubs, and mostly because it’s my favourite game of recent years.