What did I miss?

Hello everyone it looks like the place has been super busy while I was gone.

Before I start going through everything is there anything super exiting that happened that I should know about NOW?


Welcome baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Besides me being blond, dont think so

Well there was this one thing… Not sure if I am allowed to bring it up again

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Well, the Chief beat the Blues, The Reds shocked the Brumbies and beat them, and @Solitude didn’t pick those games right. The Proteas are betting at this very moment and they are 27/0. Vodafone is building a 4G network on the moon, @Pr0fPyr0 won the MEW hardware challenge, I think. Donisia is contemplating a mass murder spree. @Mephisto_Helix can’t beat off with the rest of us. @Murph is tied to his toilet, and @Blazzok is recovering from being tied to the toilet. @Sweepslag thinks the McLaren looks reliable. @Talentloos is funny and is joining the Takealot gaming challenge. @MetalSoup doesn’t like Max Payne 3. @razor88 likes the Pokemon games more than any other game. @Mottamort thinks the game Getting Over It is easy. @WeDoTech reviews hardware and posts videos about it, and @wenzdayz agrees with his views on the Corsair LL120 fans. @RebelTech was flagges as spam, but @MetalSoup fixed that, and @SIGSTART did nothing. @z1oc wants to play ARK again, but @MalicE doesn’t want to join him. @Viper is into crypto. @Wyvern is vaping. @DarthMol hasn’t seen Dunkirk yet. @Shrike is reading about EVE Online. @crzwaco built his own Age of Empires. @Flex didn’t get to finish reading.

I think I missed a lot of other thinks, but those are what I can remember.




LOL! ens. ens.

Well yeah there was all that as well I guess :dango:

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It was one of the movies available on the flight, but I watched X-Men Apocalypse instead, Also The House, Bladerunner 2049 and Wonder Woman.

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Welcome back @czc! How was your time away?

Also you missed out on Wednesday with the multiplayer. It was a lot of fun.

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Haha you’d be shocked to know that I did pick one of them right. :smile:

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You missed the fact that my favourite games list was in no particular order :P. Please don’t make me choose one of my top games over another. Nice summary though ^^.


Yup, like me. Been decidedly absent the past couple of weeks due to work commitments. In other news, a random lady wants to buy my company.

Wow. I don’t know what more I can say. Is it a good offer?

@DieGrootHammer I have no idea how you came up with that entire post, but props to you man. I love it :laughing:


It’s a crazy offer from a crazy lady who won’t be able to honour it, so I’m not taking it seriously. We’re doing too good at the moment for me to consider selling, and our brand has slowly been filtering through the correct channels to the point that people are actually applying through our website for positions. We even extended an offer to one of them, who is joining on 2 April.


lol that was well done