What did you have for dinner


Pizza for tonight.


Home made cheese burgers and oven chips.


Kaa Eff See (Kfc for 10 characters)


Made homemade pizza dough and sauce, grated some mozza, prepped some bacon.

Turned out ok, but I want a bit more crunch on the crust. Might have been because I had to use a bit of cake flour because I ran out of bread flour for the whole thing.


Ate some sushi yesterday, wish there was more.


Had left over lamb from Easter.


Snapsies. Did them on the weber


Tonight will be pasta and mince.


We were at my brother-in-law’s wedding last night so our meal was a bit fancier than usual. The best part of it were the roast potatoes, they were amazing!


Grilled chicken breasts and a green salad (with generous helpings of feta, of course). It’s been pretty much our staple meal (together with fruit smoothies in the mornings) since January, after we decided to “cut carbs”. With my genetically high uric acid, I also need to watch the red meat consumption, hence the fallback to chicken most evenings.


We are having lasagna tonight. Haven’t had that in quite a while.


We cheated and got Chinese. Crispy pork and fried rice…


Tonight I am hosting our monthly security meeting at my house.
Wors rolls, pap en sous for 18 large gentleman


Nandos has a special, quarter chicken, chips and a roll - R30. We are getting 4 of these for supper tonight :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s not bad. I think I’ll get that for us later in the week. We are having some pasta plus salads tonight.


Yeah. I don’t know if it’s all Nandos but it’s only for drive through and eat in. Maybe just call the one you go to before, just in case. Ours is only 2 per customer, so I drove through twice :grinning:



Haha awesome. I’ll go see if it’s available here by us. That’s not bad at all. Especially for Nando’s!


My wife made some awesome tasting cottage pie!


Sounds good. I’m a sucker for mash.


Oh so my whats for dinner thread wasn’t good enough :cry:

Just joking.

The wife and I made some sticky Asian pork meatballs, with some steamed bok choy with some garlic and a carrot slaw with toasted sesame seeds, spring onions, chili and some sesame seed oil and some sort of Asian dressing.

Was bloody amazing.