What's for dinner

I am lazy to think of new recipes. So let’s crowd source some recipes from the community.

I’ll kick us off with tonight’s dinner.

Polenta tart with mixed mushrooms, garlic, tomato and goats cheese. Topped with some fresh rocket and a balsamic reduction.

It was fucking delicious.


You spoiled it with the green stuff. It looked so good before then.

Why does everyone hate green shit. Stop being a wayne soli.

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Some lasagna and a salad.

Pork and carrot stew topped with mash potatoes and cheese, baked in the oven. AKA pork cottage pie. My kids love it.

Green shit is delicious unless it’s sugar snap peas, can’t stand them for some reason…

peanut butter syrup on toast no butter. tea

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Cold chicken, mango, melon and potato salad.

A pork patty and a beetroot salad.

We had chicken cordon bleu but the outside wasn’t crumbs but bacon. Plus some green veggies and a pasta salad.

Hahah I love this thread!!!

Dinner last night was T-Bone and chips

we had fajitas with corn tortilla’s and salsa and for dessert a slab of chocolate each and a super M

Pizza and a steri stumpi <3

Last night both of us were too lazy to make food. So dinner was salticrax, various cheeses, crispy fried onions, hummus and carrots. Was awesome.

Sushi and wine

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Nice. extra chars

Crumbed tenderised steak, green beans and half a potato

As per topic title.

We’re visiting my parents for the next week, and tonight we have some friends over and my dad is making a “skaap skenkel pot” (which directly translates to sheep shank pot, apparently.

It is so damn delicious, I always overeat myself.

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I bought Simply Asia on the way home because I really couldn’t be arsed to make anything.

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Both the wife and I were running a bit late, so we quickly threw together slices of potato fried in a pan and heavily salted, Brussels sprouts, Fry’s fake schnitzels and fresh tomato pieces.

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