The Baking Tin

Seeing as we have discussions and threads around for things like dinner, bread and chocolate cake. I thought things were a bit sparse and reckon we have one dedicated topic for baking in general.

My fudge discussions are ending up everywhere, like here.

So here I reckon we can have a dedicated thread and discussion, share ideas, recipes and outcomes of the things we bake.

To kick things off, I bought some demerara sugar and plan to make this recipe this time around. I also searched that site for fudge recipes and there is quite an abundance of ways and flavours. I rate once a month should be a good healthy way to do fudge :stuck_out_tongue:

So c’mon, get sharing on your favourites or even your own. I love to try these things. I know the wife is looking for a nice banana bread recipe.


So yesterday I tried a slightly different recipe and method:

And I must say, the results are beautiful. The fudge came out so smooth and crumbly, it just melts in your mouth. Not bad considering this is only the second time making fudge and with no thermometer.


You dun did gud!


So I’m gonna make another batch of fudge, hopefully this weekend. I want to try some coffee flavoured or infused fudge. Has anyone tried this or have a decent recipe for this? All the ones I seem to find include chocolate.


So, in my absence, my wife decided to make something out of her head with the ingredients we had around the kitchen. Y’know, the things that start going funny if you don’t have them. I got home and had this waiting for me to my surprise, it tasted so good I asked her to send me her recipe and ingredients, so her words follow, not mine :stuck_out_tongue:

The result

Ingredients and Method

2 cups of flour
One and a half teaspoon bAking powder
Half a cup sugar
Half teaspoon salt
teaspoon nutmeg
Teaspoon cinnamon
One teaspoon vanilla essence
2 tablespoon oil
2 tablespoon peanut butter
One and a half cup of sour milk or milk
2 eggs
2 mash banana
2 grated carrots

Vok alles saam and bake in a butter pan
For a hour on 180 degrees

Sour milk cup
Put in pot with cup sugar add to pot boil
Add a half a lemon juice
Boil until looks like condensmilk

Taste vokin lekker hmmm
Take another teaspoon taste yum

Now pour over cake

If you have condensmilk
You can boil that and lemon juice and pour over cAke


I think your wide needs to publish a cookbook. Stat! :smiley: