What did you have for dinner


Today will be pizza. Gonna make bacon pizza, chicken pollo pizza (thats what its called at the pizza place we go to, I know it translates to chicken chicken, its actually Tandoori flavoured) and one that is still TBA


Dinner was dim sum it was so good. Altho I have learnt I don’t like steam buns


That looks great. What’s inside?
Now I’m hungry
I’ve had a granny smith apple for supper…3 hours ago.


The spring rolls was chicken and veg, the one set of dumplings was chicken mushroom and pork choy, the other set was pork and carrot. The steam buns also chicken. But I remembered that I hate big strambuns to much dough. The consistency is not for me.


It’s not dinner yet, but I’m having a pizza-feeling about tonight…


We are doing burgers and chips :smiley:


That also sounds great. Home-made? Hmmm, that might be a healthier, cheaper alternative to pizza…


Yup, altho I cheat, I have a pattie supplier that is awesome

And we make oven chips instead of normal or I make potato wedges in the oven


And now I’m hungry


hey im also making that for supper tonight :wink:


Tonight we will have the same as last night (there was a lot left over) - chicken and bacon pasta


KFC :smiley:



I’m still waiting for my pizza…almost 90 minutes after placing the order :frowning_face:


Nandos grande meal


Gonna be free?

Had grilled fish and mash.


Nothing yet… Been working at a client until now.


I wish. Paid online. Phoned the store but they’re being difficult.
Also received the wrong pizza. Definitely not happy tonight



For the first time I got my pan steak right.


Wife made a pretty good grilled chicken, pecant nut and strawberry salad. Retro bowl for added niche factor.