What do you collect? How big is your collection?

I had a moment this week, while adding a few more games to my expanding library and started wondering, when or if I will ever play them all. There are games I am adding to my library that I may never play. Games I paid for, but may just sit there on the digital shelf forever, remaining unplayed while I carry on playing the same games I always do.

What this means is that I’ve become a collector. A collector of games. Someone who will at times find more enjoyment in buying a game and adding it to my library than I actually have in playing it! Madness!

So what do you collect? How big is your collection?

Here’s a snap shot of how many games I have collected - whether I bought them retail, on Steam, in a bundle or got freebies. There are some overlaps too between launchers.

Steam: 816 games
GOG: 124 games (about half are copies of my Steam games, redeemed through GOG Connect)
Uplay: 27 games
Origin: 36 games
Epic Games Launcher: 19 games
Twitch: 101 games
Battle Net: 4 games
Box Copies: About 20-30 games still stored somewhere
Humble Trove: 58 games installers sitting there for future use


Cool topic. I have lots of small collections of different things, games being one of them.

PC games
Steam: 219 games
GOG: 32 games
Uplay: 20 games
Origin: 19 games
Physical games: Don’t know the exact number but I’d guess close to 200 (in storage)

Digital games: 244 games (including PS Plus titles)
Physical games: 16 games (sold/traded in quite a few)

I used to a have a few X360 and PS3 games as well but sold the X360 and gave the PS3 and some games to my sister, selling the others.

I also consider myself somewhat of a book collector. I don’t know the exact number as everything is in storage at the moment but it’s a lot.

I also have a small Blu-Ray collection, around 50 titles more or less (storage).

Also still have my Postcard and playing card collections from when I was younger. Again not sure of numbers as everything is in storage as well.

That’s all I can think of right now.

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I have a pc games,blue ray and book collection. Will have to go and check numbers later.

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STEAM: 839 (but, I have had my account since HL2, according to STEAM, since 19 November 2004, around ~14 years)
GOG: 102 (some are GOG Connect)
Origin: 65
Battle.Net: 6
Boxed copies: As in the old big box games: 30+ (I own all the Quake’s (Even Q3: Team Arena which wasnt released in ZA), Unreal (lol, even UT2003), Half-Life and SIN boxes.)
Humble stuff…alot.

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I have about 554 steam games and then I have many unclaimed humble keys.

Not many on the others. The Epic one is growing because free.

So I have a few things that could possibly count as collections.

  • Model kits, mainly plastic but some scratch-built wooden ones as well. I started modelling when I was still in primary school, and I have a substantial collention of planes, ships, cars, spacecraft etc by now.
  • PC game music: I’ve always loved soundtracks, and there is some very good game music out there. Some I bought, some I extracted from the game files over the years using various tips and tricks. I’ve amassed something like 2000 songs from 80-odd games.
  • Books: Quite a number of physical books, but we ran out of shelf space and I was politely told to either get rid of old books or not buy any more books. I therefore started a Kindle collection which is coming along nicely.
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various things but keeping it gaming related (off the top of my head)

7 consoles presently

5 dreamcast games (yes its weird that i kept the games after the console is gone)
42 ps1 games
63 ps2 games
90 ish ps3 games
35 gamecube games
113 wii games
5 wii u games
12 OG xbox games
151 xbox 360 games (probably 40 physical discs)
xbox one games about 100 (i know the console shows 230 in total but some are gwg titles that will stop working once my sub is up and some are bc 360 titles that also show on the dash)
pc games probably 500 across various mediums and launchers

non gaming
model cars
extensive dvd and bluray collection
audi memorabilia


Just a small portion of my brother and I’s old collection (the newer stuff)

Edit: You can tell it’s the end of the world cuz my bro is pricing everything.


I collect anime figures

Things have moved a bit but i have it in a cabinet i built


That’s a pretty sweet packed out display unit there!

I like the tux chillin’ next to picachu :slight_smile:


yea man Tux is a part of the family now