What drives you nuts on the drive to work?

I’m curious, what is the things, little or big, that drives you absolutely bonkers on the way to and from work…

Mine are as follows in no particular order:

  1. scooters - these guys are becoming worse than taxi drivers and the amount of delays we have due to them crashing into cars, almost killing themselves or someone else it’s mental!
  2. The people who cannot MERGE from 2 lanes into one - its weaving for pete’s sake, one car at a time and no drama. . . .
  3. Taxi’s - enough said…
  4. People with vanity plates driving like idiots.

4-way stops.

Loadshedding has made at least a couple of robots into 4-way stops on every commute.


The worst is when drivers don’t let turning cars go at intersections.

No, actually, the worst is when the idiot behind you is hooting for you to go, but I can see that something is ahead better than you! What the heck do you think you’re doing?!

Otherwise, I agree with Wyvern’s points.


guys that are in a straight only lane that are too impatient to have merged 100m back where the queue was (to turn right) and is now holding up an entire middle lane because they feel entitled to merge closer to the light.
fuck that guy


All the above.

Also people that insist on constantly braking or just randomly braking for no reason.
People that drive too slowly.


People that go in the straight lane then cut in front of the turning lane at the intersection, especially on right turns.


Also people that turn on their hazards when traffic comes to a halt. I can see the traffic is stopping you fool. Also turning on their hazards when there is heavy rain, I know its heavy rain but now I have to worry if you’re gonna suddenly stop.

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I prefer that to how people here use their hazard lights. the “lets me stop wherever i want” button.

At least in the above situation, there is an actual hazard :smiley:


Oh, trust me, it means that here as well. Really not sure how some drivers keep getting stuck behind taxis when they do that.

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this happened yesterday, Security vehicle jumped the red robot and tboned me, story of my life




After many years of driving in massive traffic between Pretoria and Joburg, I can safely say that there isn’t a lot that irks me while driving. I can stay mostly calm as people do stupid things on the road. But THIS, THIS pisses me off more than anything else in the world!! So I agree, fuck that guy!!!

  • Traffic lights that are out. People here in Joburg just go whenever. Drives me nuts. Especially when you have to turn.
  • Taxis. Hate em.
  • People who drive in the yellow lane. They can all go straight to hell. Especially if they try to push into the actual road again.
  • Did I mention taxis?
  • People who don’t use indicators.
  • People who leave their indicators on forever
  • People turning with their phones in use, either by their ears, or listening/leaving a voice note, having one hand off the wheel.
  • Person in front of me turning a corner then slowing down to a crawl because they are suddenly talking to someone on the side-walk.
  • People not even attempting to stop at a stop intersection (literally almost T-boned a guy in the car the size of a shoe box whilst I was in a Hilux, with him just staring at me, not even knowing what just happened or that what he just did was wrong.)

People who, when turning left from a slip lane into a two lane road, immediately cut across to the right-hand lane and don’t stick to the left-hand lane like they should.

Equally, people turning into the road from the other side of the intersection who don’t turn into the inside lane and instead stop you from turning into the road properly.


Cape town rain…
I forgot about it.

Ironically the N1 is good, its Rondebosch that is kak