What game do you want to come to Game Pass next?

I know that a fair number of us are either active or past subscribers of Game Pass (Xbox, PC, Ultimate). I thought it could be fun to share what games we’d hope to see on the subscription service. I thought we could give a realistic option and a pure dream option. If you have another suggested category feel free to add it.

Here’s mine:

Realistic: Immortals Fenyx Rising (what with their being talk of Ubisoft games coming to the service)
Dream: Elden Ring (would love to try it out to see if it gels for me - after seeing so much praise for this game)


Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. Played the beta and the demo and while the gameplay is rock solid the visuals are terrible for a 2022 game and Square Enix’s AAA price is insane (R1249).

I have a feeling this game will review well enough but it won’t sell and will end up on GP. Here’s to hoping.

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Horizon Zero Dawn
God of War

Oh, REALISTIC? :grin: