What gameworld would you take a walk in?

What gameworld would you want to walk around in? Say you could be transported into that world and be a ‘character’ in it. Where would you want to go?

Possibly Skyrim I think, there is a lot to see and do there. Or also the world of the Witcher. Both quite large worlds, lots of interest and a developed lore.

Where would you travel to?


Lord of the rings online, I would love to actually live in the Shire


Animal Crossing.


Mass Effect, long after the reapers please, when everything is nice a peaceful.
Guild Wars 2, that game is so beautiful


Simple. Lordran.


Too many to choose just one. Assuming it was a virtual walkabout where I could feel, touch, taste, but couldn’t be harmed by the environment, I’d do things a la Westworld + Animus + Star Trek Holodeck style, and flit between a lot of different locations as the whim took me. I’d go to places like…

Star Citizen’s Orison:

Halo’s New Alexandria (before it gets glassed by the Covenant!):

The Red Dead Redempton 2 worlds, especially the natural locations:

Bio Shock Infinite’s Colombia:

Horizon Zero Dawn’s alternate future 31st century Colorado:

Mafia’s City of Lost Heaven:

Outer Worlds or No Man’s Sky type planet hopping:


Oh wow what an awesome question. There are so many games I’d like to roam around in. Some are dangerous, some are huge, but it’d be great to experience the world.

Cities: Skylines is one I’ve actually been thinking about. I love using the first person mod to just take a drive through some of my cities.

Anno 1800 also has a first person mode that is super awesome to walk through your settlements.

I’d like to also say PGA Tour 2k21. I’d then be able to walk (and potentially play) some of the most iconing and picturesque golf courses in the world.

Stardew Valley is another world I’d love to not just walk around in, but live in it. As long as I have the same ability of the main player character.


Cyberpunk and Elden Ring. I would only want to sightsee. Ain’t nobody got time to die a million times in Elden Ring.


Why walk, when you can golf?

Probably not the best thread for this, but I couldn’t find a better topic. This looks like a pretty cool way to tell a story.



Gotta get creative for entertainment during loadshedding!


Walking the Walk is an analysis and/or critique of game worlds presented by Karak from ACG (Angry Centaur Gaming. If anyone is interested in this kind of thing, looking at OP, I personally love watching these videos but they can get quite lengthy and quite detailed.