What is the most you've spent on a single component/console?


I’ve just added a shiny (almost) new Vega 64 to my PC and I’m really enjoying the upgrade (The Witcher 3 looks amazing with everything maxed out!)

I was fortunate to find a good deal on Carbonite and got the card at almost half the average price new - it still is the most expensive single component that I’ve ever purchased @ R5300

What is your most expensive single component/console purchase?

Edit: I just thought of the first LCD TV that I bought for R9k in 2010. A 40" Sony Bravia.

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Single console

Xbox one X - September 2017 - R7499

Pc Component

GTX 960 think it was 2015 or 2016 Price was R3799 discounted from R4500 on a black friday if i remember correctly

normally i dont spend that much on gaming items


I spent R8800 on my GTX 980 back in 2015 (I think) when it was still brand new.
I spent R8500 on my 27" gaming monitor.

Most expensive thing though was my TV, bought a 60" Samsung SUHD for R20k during 2016’s Black Friday.


While I bought my PC way back in 2012 fully built, I don’t really see it as only one component. Otherwise it would be the most expensive.

So other than that, I would say it’s the Xbox One X, which I got for R8500 at launch. Not even my TV was that expensive. I got a great Black Friday deal on my UHD TV last year.


Both bought at launch:

Xbox one X - R7499

PC Component:
RTX 2080 - R13 999

It looks so bad when I write it down like that.


You don’t list your VR?


1080ti HOF back when it was just released was ridiculously expensive. R17 000.00


VR was R7000. :slight_smile:


Wow okay, I thought it was much more.


The most I’ve spent on a single component was the 980…was around R15k


was the scorpio edition a R1000 More ?


Paid R5000 for my HD5870 when I built my PC. That is definitely the most expensive component I’ve spent money on.


For a single component? R9,000 for the 1080 in my gaming PC… That hasn’t been turned on in months. Most expensive piece of tech equipment? My Asus ROG laptop that cost R28,000. I cheated a bit, because my company paid for it…


Asus ROG Strix Radeon RX 580 8GB Gaming Top OC Edition - R3999


my recent purchase of a GTX 1080 for R7200 is the first time I have ever spent that much on any single component


GTX 1080 for ±R7000


I’m def on the lower end R2300 on my Xbox one.


12k Asus Rog Strix 1080 gtx


Asus 144Hz monitor ± R5000


The most I’ve ever spent on a console was about R4000 to replace the Xbox 360 I won from work, which broke while I was playing Red Dead Redemption. :confounded:

The most I’ve spent on a single component must be my current graphics card, a GTX 1080, which costed almost R9000 last November.