What is your fuel Economy

i dont trust the distance to empty on my car since the airflow sensor affects the reading

this is the conclusion i came to. I spend about R400 to R450 per week thats roughly about 33 litres of fuel i do about 54 km’s a day that = 270 kilos a week. which i think is fairly acceptable for a 1.8 20V thats also an auto and i sit about 45 minutes in traffic morning and evenings.

i used this

Im not sure what mine is right now - its the one feature I do love on my fiesta since it does tell me that. I think the last time I checked I was on 8.5L/100KM, Keep in mind I do mostly short distances.

12.22 L /100km dude that’s rough, I do 5.1L/100km without traffic I can get as low as 4.4 long distance.

that 12.22 km/100 is based on the manual weekly info i added to the calculator, it is more economical when i do distance driving on weekends etc

i had to do it manually since my car is showing this


and the reason it is showing that is because i still need to fit a cat fooler since i’ve had the catalytic converter removed a few months ago when i installed the stainless exhaust. so the air to oxygen readings are confusing the computer of the car when it calculates the economy at the moment.

so you seem like a car guy, are you a car guy ?

I’m looking for a perspective about my Honda services, my maintenance plan is running out and thinking about getting an extender plan or just take the car somewhere that isn’t Honda for the services since they are crazy expensive.

More or less depending how I drive that month. I hope to one day get a better car with better Fuel Economy or even if perhaps a tesla roadster :heart_eyes:

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Around 8.8 l/100km currently. I do drive a 2.5l n/a petrol auto 4x4 in heavy traffic each day though… On longer trips I get down to 6.5 l/100km, which is reasonable.

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Depending on which office I go to: Anywhere between 3.6L/100km - 3.9L/100km

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My current fuel average on my trip computer is showing 8.2 l/100km, which is the average usage of driving in Joburg traffic every day, and driving from Midrand to Joburg. On longer trips I can get it down to just under 6 l/100km as well. It does seem however that an automatic is much harder on fuel than a manual.

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My automatic is giving me under 4L/100KM but you could say that I’m cheating :whistle:

How, are you pushing your car from robot to robot?? Or do you have a 1l engine? Because the lowest I’ve ever gotten in my car was 5.5 l/100km, and that was being ultraconservitave.

Honda NC750 DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission). It’s automatic. Basically the same as the DSG gearboxes from VW. But on a bike. Engine of this bike is basically half a Honda Jazz (seriously).

Built to be a commuter and very very light on fuel, as you can see from the stats. I work in Rosebank, stays in Kempton Park, 50km round trip. I easily make a week of work and back on a tank. 14L which costs me about R150 average to fill up. (usually fill up before the tank is actually empty)



I get about 5.5L/100km driving from home to work and back. Longer trips I average about 5L/100km.

Best I’ve ever gotten was 4.4L/100km, but that was driving slower than usual.

You people need to pump those numbers. Those are rookie numbers.

Day to day driving in the city, around 12-14l/100km. On the open road, 9-10l/100km.

I drive a double cab though and the route from my house to work is only about 3km, but it has 60 speedbumps. So economy is not something i enjoy.


No idea, I drive a VW Caddy and put in R300 every week and a half. my travel distances are 15 - 20km a day or so.

2014 Renault Sandero Stepway, 900cc 3Cyl Turbo.

More or less fill up every 6 days.

Going onto the open road, I can go around 800km before fueling up again.


This is roughly what I get with a Kia Picanto 1.3 :red_car: . Car says I do 4.9-5.1l/100km