What mouse








Max I can do is R600 and takealot - so I can use my ebucks

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Before I suggest anything…

  • what are you looking for in a mouse?
  • small or big (palm grip or claw grip)?

the ones I showed is in my budget range and comfortable size wise. I do a mix of claw/palm grip. And small mouse since I have tiny hands and my right hand is slightly disfigured

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I had a Steelseries Rival Guild Wars 2 edition years ago. It was a terrible mouse. The chord, being rubber and not braided, was incredibly stiff and often rubbed against the mouse pad, making the experience feel choppy.



Is your current mouse busted?

Damn close - it keeps powering off every few seconds, and I have done all the updates and tips and tricks I could find, but then again the mouse is over 5 years old.

I cannot game with it currently.

Great resource when mouse hunting - http://www.rocketjumpninja.com/top-40/

Includes recommendations for hand size and grip style.


I’d been eyeing the SteelSeries Rival 110 myself. Seems well-priced and ergonomically-friendly.

Additionally - customer reviews are also a big part of what should consider before ordering.
I have made the mistake of buying something that does not have any user reviews, and half the time I turns out be be a waste of money. Like this overpriced chair I’m sitting on.

le’me guess… a gaming chair?

Winner winner


I have decided I like the reviews most about this one - for now I can live without a braided cord but I cannot live without a mouse


Nope - a mesh-back typist chair with a fixed and poorly position lumbar support that pokes into my back/spine.

And mouse has been ordered!


Tell me - what genre of games do you play on the regular?

Sorry to chirp in late here, but the Rival was the best option… So you may rest easy! :wink:

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It arrived and I love it, using it now at work, just have to get used to the feel and size.


Nice. glad you got it so soon.

I may be in the market for a new mouse as well. Considering that I received my new mouse mat this morning, which is a Redragon Taurus, using my Redragon Devarajas. Just now want the Redragon Cobra to complete the trifecta.

Just dont go for the one in the gaming bundle with the keyboard and headset

that one is bad

Yeah, I don’t do that bundle nonsense.
I already have the KB mentioned and I already have the mouse mat mentioned (which I got today).
I just want the mouse. A reputable source confirmed that for the price, it’s a good mouse.