What video is youtube recommending to you?

What video(s) is youtube recommending you watch?

I guess because I watched a few Joe Rogan videos youtube is now saying I should watch


Since I seem to be on a nashvill binge today


What the freak is splooting?

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I had to google that myself:



Spoiler for anyone who hasn’t watched the movie

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I watched it on Sunday.

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Thats a pretty accurate representation of my youtube habits.

Cool topic!

This is a snapshot of my recommended videos right now:

Hey you have the black theme.

Since we’re posting whole blocks.

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+1 for dark mode

It’s the “enlightened” option :smile:

Why Have I got Chillstep ? I don’t listen to music on Youtube except metal very seldom though ?

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Synthwave and dubstep. Nice

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Synthwave is great!

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F1 content - check
Stardew Valley content - check
Sport content - check
History stuff - check

All the big points are covered for my recommendations.

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See you havent spent time with us in ages - your recommended list is normal again :frowning:


World of Tanks
Captain D
Space stuff
Math stuff
Science stuff
Car Stuff
History stuff

Seems about accurate, not sure where the New York Times & metal thing comes from though.