Where are you headed?

Do you set goals to guide your decision making in life?
Do you want to reach <personal_goal> within <time_frame>?

I’ve always been one that loves making plans and dreaming about where I want to be one day. Thus, I and my wife (I want to say me and my wife but Grammarly disagrees…) has always had a 2-3 year plan.
Over the last 6-8 months, we’ve devised a 6-year plan of where we want to be regarding work. (in simpler terms I have to go study again :thinking:, she started her own business)

I’m so serious about these goals (2 major ones), that if I didn’t have them in front of me (:carrot:), I’d die a very sad and depressed man.

During my run this morning it struck me, that with future goals, it’s easy(ier) to say no to certain things if it’s not helping you reach your goals. (probably common sense to most people)
Consciously and subconsciously, I’ll say no to certain things I regard as unimportant.

Referring to "All gamed out", I think that I might not be “gamed out”, but rather subconsciously denying myself the time to game (and chill in general) because I have these goals pressing me.

Anyways. Not the point of the thread.

Do you set goals to guide your decision making in life?
Do you want to reach <personal_goal> within <time_frame>?

Are you guys content with where you are? Are you staying or are you heading somewhere? How strong is the urge to move forward?



Good post! But: “my wife and I” is grammatically correct. :smile:


An interesting topic! I’m somewhat of a coaster, in that I don’t micromanage goals or set a big lofty thing to work towards achieving - and I’m quite content with that.

I think it has to do, in part, with the fact that as soon as I do set a goal, I achieve it relatively quickly. I’ve got a sort of ‘get shit done’ attitude when the switch is flipped, because I don’t like having unsettled business on my back.

For example, at the start of the year, I decided it was time to buy my own place. Having experienced moving with my parents in the past, I dreaded the long house hunt, the negotiations, the waiting processes etc. Basically, I set a goal time of “the end of the year” to do this.

We moved in last weekend. 4 months. That was my ‘big’ goal for the year, and now it’s done. So…do I set another big goal? Nah, now I feel like I can chill (or ‘coast’) until the next big thing is needed in life.

Also I will never have children (and thankfully my boyfriend agrees ), so I feel like I’m doing this on easy mode.


Good post!

I set myself goals. Even gaming wise.

Like I aim to finish 60 games a year. And I’m aiming to have our house paid off by the end of 2020. And I make Trello lists for these things that I’m aiming for.

I’ve also got personal work projects that I aim to complete at which I’ve been far less successful. With many of them I’ve lost interest and then move to another project and then later I move back and in the end I sit with multiple half finished projects. So this year I changed it. Personal work project wise I must finish the one I picked to complete in the beginning of the year. Hopefully this time around I’ll finish it.


Great post indeed.

I have goals that I work towards as well. Clear defined roles that I want to achieve within the next short, medium and long term. My drive to meet my life and professional goals is one of the major reasons why I didn’t end up moving to Australia on a more permanent basis.

I can never be content with where I am in life. I need to strive for better. I need to grow in some area of my life. I get super depressed if I fall into a comfort zone. This happened to me not so long ago, as in about 2 years ago. There is no way that I want to go back to that state of mind.


I honestly don’t care about goals and what-not, I just want to play video games, so I just go with the flow, doing what i can with what is in front of me, trying not to worry about a future that is not even written yet. Although i do have like small chalenges i aim for, like not spending to much money per month, trying to save up to buy things for my pc or more games. Sure i am still quite young in the grand scheme of things, and things may change over time, but right now i don’t care about that, i just want to play video games.

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fuck knows - I am so burned out its actually a joke…
take maybe 5 days leave a year apart from weekends and public holidays.
Last time I took proper leave was dec/jan 2011/2012. Since then it’s been a couple days over the christmas week.
Tried to take 3 weeks this last december, but work got me instead

My sentiments exactly.

Same, I have a general idea, but nothing planned. I have learnt the moment I plan something, it will go wrong badly. So at the moment especially I am in a holding pattern until my studies are done and then hopefully I can find better work that will let me move out and all that jazz

All I know is I sure as hell don’t want to be doing what i’m doing now for much longer, I’m tired of making other people rich and having to think for people who get paid more than I do while getting nothing out of it.

I need to start my own business, I just don’t know what yet I keep waiting for some realization to dawn on me and i’m not the kind of person who takes big risks so thats not in my favor to just do whatever.


I used to try plan things, but life changes so don’t want to make myself disappointed if shit hits the fan… which has happened multiple times over the last few years

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Nope. So far everything has just kind of happened without any real input from me. I like it that way. que sera, sera etc.

It seems the opposite of what I want always happens.

Never saw the appeal of a girlfriend, ended up getting married.
Started working as an intern at a company to pass the time, now I own a sizeable chunk of the company.
Wanted to drive a small sports car, I drive a double cab bakkie
wanted to live in the forest, living in the city.

Life can be cruel.

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