Where to buy Windows Server 2019

Does anybody know a local provider where I can buy Windows Server 2019 Std? I found a couple of places online, but have no idea how reliable they are.

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I have no idea personally, but there’s plenty IT industry MEWBs who could probably point you in the right direction. I’d definitely opt for directly through MS SA or one of their legitimate vendors though.

Based on the RRP price of almost $1000, I’m guessing that it’s best to avoid this sort of “deal”:

First Technology

Alternatively, download it (https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/cloud-platform/windows-server-trial)

Install it, and pay for the licence online.


A more important question is why do you think you need Windows Server?

I would not pay that person. It is definitely not a legit license. Maybe its just the media… I pay 7x that on an NPO volume licensing scheme.

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Like me, he works with .NET. I’m assuming pre-.NET Core in this case. Most of our software also run on Windows Server um servers.

Hearing that just makes me sad. Especially since they now haver MS SQL Server available on Linux; Mono has also made some inroads. I sometimes feel like a Linux version of a Jehova’s Witness


Our newest stuff runs on .NET Core so will run on Linux but most of our products are still using old versions of .NET. Actually our two main biggest products are written in C++ but run on Windows only.

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Actually talking about that. Dealing with Apple products specifically MacOS is the single most frustrating thing you can ever do. Compile a Linux binaries on a Windows Server…no problem at all. Compile Linux binaries on Linux works (duh), compile on Windows…no issue. Compile a MacOS binary…you need a Mac to do that. Then XCode craps itself, anyway so we need a couple of Mac “servers” for the build farm.

Mac Pro (not the cheesegrater) that was released ~5 years ago, looks like a dustbin, and would pretty much thermal throttle itself doing anything useful.

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Thanks for the replies. I’ll contact one of them.

This is for the server where we host some of our clients and QA environments. We use Hetzner for hosting and replace our servers about every 5 years just to update the hardware and OS a bit, clean up some ex clients that we may have missed, etc. Hetzner however doesn’t have 2019 available yet and we don’t want to upgrade to 2016 now while 2019 is already available. Besides, in the long run, it should work out cheaper owning it rather than renting it. We only need to license 8 cores so it should be cheaper than the $1000 RRP which is for 16 cores.

We’re still on .NET, although on .NET 4.7.2, but our application has been around since .NET 2 came out (actually years earlier, but that wasn’t on .NET). So the web application portion of our software is busy being rewritten on .NET Core, but I still have no idea when or if we’ll rewrite the server libraries and Winforms projects on .NET Core. So for at least the next couple of years, Windows Server will remain a requirement.

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