Which screen to buy

One of my 32" TVs that I’ve been using for a computer screen is busy packing up. So I’ve been saving my eBucks up and this month I’ll have enough to buy a proper 32" monitor since you don’t get 32" FHD TVs anymore.

Basically I have a choice between a curved 1080p Samsung or a flat 1440p Viewsonic, with quite the price difference between them. Any recommendations?
I use the screen for development at least 5 days a week and then maybe for gaming for two days. The curved is much cheaper, but I don’t know how well a curved monitor will work for development. I sit about 75cm from my screen.

I’m looking at these two. I already have enough for the Samsung or I can wait a couple of days and then I’ll have enough for the ViewSonic.




I would go 1440p because I will never be able to go back to 1080p on large monitors. However, monitors are so much more than just resolution…

I say buy both and use the Takealot 30 days return feature to send the one you dont like back.


Isn’t there a higher refresh rate option? After getting 2x 240Hz Samsungs recently and getting used to my main display running at a minimum of 144Hz, I’m struggling to use the lower refresh rates again. Even for just normal desktop use and development… The mouse feels laggy and everything just seems a bit off now at 60Hz. Plus, gaming at higher than 60Hz is pure bliss - no more screen tearing and no more V-sync!


Of those two, I’d get the Viewsonic.

Curved panels are not my favourite, even though I’ve never used one extensively. I tend to pin windows to the edges when I do dev work and I imagine that would be weird on a curved edge.

The higher resolution and IPS panel should help with eyestrain and viewing angles (even though you have been using 1080p already).

FarligOpptreden mentioned higher refresh rate. If this is something you want and you want a better gaming panel, then this is another option (note, it has no adaptive sync but it is 144Hz, also curved):


(I just remembered you were using eBucks for this, so Wootware is not an option :frowning: )


Thanks for the feedback. I guess I’ll wait another week. I’ve never tried a curved monitor before, but the idea never really appealed to me.

And yes, free is free, so I’d rather buy one from Takealot using eBucks. One monitor down, 2 to go (one day).

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Ok, so I got the screen, but with some slight issues.
If I run it at 1920x1080, the text is slightly blurry. If I run it at one of the preferred resolutions like 2048x1152, then the text displays clearly, but as soon as the screen saver comes on, it messes around the contents on my other two screens that runs on 1920x1080. It resizes the text, windows, etc.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this? I don’t really see any settings on the screen self and the Sharpness setting doesn’t really help.


If you run monitor calibration there is a part where you can calibrate text so that it isn’t blurry.

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Isn’t that the age old issue with LED / LCD monitors? If you run below the native resolution it always ends up looking blurry… I think your main problem is the monitor entering a sleep mode, which signals to your PC that there’s no display being output to and it reshuffles the content from that screen to the other screen(s), trying to resize and fit everything back to those screens. Is it possible to disabled any sleep settings on the monitor and rather let your OS manage it for you? Maybe even setting the new monitor as your primary (if it isn’t yet)?


Right, kinda forgot to update this thread. In December, my screen just died and I found that the HDMI cable broke or something. So I decided to order a proper DisplayPort cable and since I plugged that thing in, all the monitor’s issues are gone. I can set any resolution, no blurry text, fast response times and no more randomly going off and on.
One day when I’m rich and I’ve replaced all my screens, I’ll replace all my HDMI cables with DisplayPort cables as well.