Who are your favourite comedians?

I enjoy watching comedy shows and also listen to albums from comedians on my phone while doing menial housework chores. As such I am always on the lookout for more good and preferably clean comedians.

Some of those I enjoy are:
Michael Mcintyre
Trevor Noah
Brian Regan
Jim Gaffigan
Demetri Martin
Jeff Foxworthy

I also paradoxically enjoy Chris Rock - although I’m not a fan of the language he uses, he does have smart, biting comedy.

I used to enjoy Bill Cosby’s stuff but since he was exposed as a sexual predator I don’t have any desire to listen to him.

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Oh man the lolz I’ve had and still remain my top 3 favorites:

  • Eddie Izzard
  • Eddie Murphy
  • Russel Peters

Ricky Gervais
Jim Jeffries
Mitch Hedberg (Although he is deceased)

That’s about it that I can think of at the moment. Most comedians irritate me.


You tolerate more than I do!

The only one I will watch is Jimmy Carr - I was very lucky to see him live in the UK when I was there.

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Holy shit how did I forget about Jimmy Carr. The man is a living legend. I love him so much.

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Gabriel Iglesias
Jimmy Carr
Lee Evans

  • Gabriel Iglasies
  • Trevor Noah
  • Seinfeld
  • Riaad Moosa
  • Katt Willaims

Donald Trump

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Listed by category, in order of preference.


  • Jon Stewart
  • Colbert
  • John Oliver
  • Ricky Gervais
  • Seinfield
  • Trevor Noah

Good, but can have lots of hits and misses, especially if they go too dark or dirty

  • Jimmy Carr
  • Whitney Cummings
  • Amy Schumer


  • Bill Maher
  • Denis Leary (acting is fine)
  • Dane Cook

Jimmy Carr
Dara O’Briain
Dylan Moran
George Carlin

I feel sad i’m listing 3 people noone else has

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I like some of George Carlin’s work - I really don’t like watching comedians, the only reason I like Jimmy Carr was I was forced to go to a show of his which is where I found I like him

You might like Dylan Moran then. He rambles on more than he does “punchline” type jokes. He has a glass of wine and a ciggie on stage with him and watched him in Grahamstown Festival and it was epic. He just has this enchanting way of talking about nothing

I’d forgotten about Dara O’Brian, I enjoy his comedy too.

My favourites are:

  1. @Mister44
  2. @Murph
  3. @Talentloos

Wat soek jy?

Dara O’Brian is funny.

Trevor Noah for me is no longer funny once he went to America.

You joke but I actually did some standup gigs while I was in college.

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George Carlin
Bill Bailey
Mitch Hedberg
come to mind…

Trevor Noah is just a liberal mouthpiece now.