Wifi extender/repeater advice

Even though I gots my N+ certification 19 years ago I have really no clue how this gadget works would love some advice. Some background: our internet comes through a radio tower setup and finally ends up in my little 4 port wifi hub which then dispenses the power of the internet to my wife and brood. In 2 weeks time we are moving to a new house which is much larger and which most certainly will have dead spots for our wifi.

My plan was to ask the ISP who is moving the radio equipment to the house to sommer install something that will make the wifi coverage reach across our new mansion. They quoted me R1300 for some kind of repeater thingy to do just that. To my ears that sounds like a ton of money and there must surely be a less expensive alternative. Doing some research I see that takealot sells something like this https://www.takealot.com/netgear-ex2700-n300-wifi-range-extender-essentials-edition/PLID46644700?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8vv4v7S54wIVzICfCh1BowDnEAYYBCABEgJ78fD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds for R369 and looks like it will do the job.

Will it do the job? How will it work? Will it switch on, pickup the wifi from our little hub and then just … extend it?

Your wisdom and experience in this matter will be appreciated!

We use an extender. Ours work by connecting to the wifi downstairs and then giving you a different wifi name to connect to upstairs. I can’t even remember how we set it up. It was very easy and everything worked straight out of the box. It’s a DLink extender I think.

The one you posted looks good in my opinion as someone who isn’t an expert. It’s also currently on special which is great.

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That should work just fine, if your hub has a wps button it makes setup litterally a 2 button setup, press the wps button on your hub, pres it on the extender, wait a few seconds and there you go

Well… you get different ones, and they can operate in a number of modes:

  • Connect to your existing WiFi and present the same SSID on the extended range while relaying traffic to your current access point
  • Connect to your existing WiFi and present a new SSID
  • Connect with an ethernet cable to your network and present the same SSID
  • Connect with an ethernet cable to your network and present a different SSID

The one you’re looking at looks like it will do any one of the above. It’s basically plug in, connect to it (instructions will be provided) then decide how you want it to work.