Woman Crush Wednesday


Putting down a name without any pic is just as bad as posting a pic without a name!




And even worse than the 2 previous rules is posting WCW pics on a day which is not a Wednesday. Total Anarchy!!!


Was a follow up on a complaint about the Wednesday no pics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Was more of a rule stating post than a complaint! :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch yourself neh


I am way to fuggly to watch myself. I avoid mirrors.


Pictures don’t do her justice. Just the mere mention of her name is enough.


I was going to say that those are not her best pictures by far! Since its not Wednesday I will not post any today :wink: Google her!


I enjoy those kinds of pictures of her, they really do her acting and the costumes of the series justice. Any of her model images are just way too normal.


I already posted her, but she’s definitely welcome back any time (Wednesdays, or any other day of the week)


Yeah no rules against that. If she is so nice that you have to post her twice… so be it :stuck_out_tongue:


How about this picture of her.


It’s not wednesday! :grin:


Does it matter :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course it does. Some of us (okay, me) use this thread as a symbolic body clock reset. If I see a WCW post and it’s not Wednesday, my whole routine is thrown off for the rest of the week. Post your confusing off-schedule pics in Image of the Day!!


Yvonne Strahovski


Mary Elizabeth Winstead


I wish I was Charles Carmichael.


He’s been my go to alter ego since for ages. Starbucks, Roccamommas, any place where you have to give a name, I’m “Chuck” or “Charles”. I do it mostly because it makes my daughter cringe with embarrassment, but also because, well… Yvonne :grinning:!


I love how in Mass Effect they accurately modelled her front teeth. It is her one small flaw… If I have to find a flaw…