Wonderdraft - an intuitive yet powerful fantasy map creation tool

It was kinda like a realisation of a childhood dream when I discovered the existence of Wonderdraft this week. I’ve always been big into Fantasy novels and have even written some drafts in the past, and one of the staples of fantasy fiction is the maps. They are a big part of creating new worlds. Could you imagine Lord of the Rings without Middle-Earth?

And so, inspired by some lead figurines, I designed a few maps of new fantasy worlds where I could play out stories in my head. Now with Wonderdraft, I could potentially turn these designs into full, professional grade maps!

WONDERDRAFT is an intuitive yet powerful fantasy map creation tool for 64-bit Windows 10, Linux, and MacOSX. With the following features:

  • Generate realistic landmasses of different types
  • Brush landmasses with automatically beautified coastlines
  • Draw rivers and roads that look artistic with a few clicks
  • Paint groups of tree and mountain symbols painlessly
  • Artistically curated default map themes
  • Create aesthetic labels using presets
  • Map dimensions anywhere from 512 pixels to 8192 pixels
  • DRM-free software and royalty-free user-made content
  • Surface Pro 4, Wacom and digital pen support

There are some amazing creations shared on the Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/wonderdraft/

For example:

There are purchasable art packs but the community has a wealth of user made content packs to style your map however you’d like: https://www.cartographyassets.com/

For those who play DnD there are quite a few people on the Reddit thread who use Wonderdraft to make maps for their custom campaigns.


These are two of my hand-drawn maps from years ago that I would love to design in Wonderdraft:


Is the second map the home of the Norwegian black metal band? :wink:

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This I did not know :rofl: