Work to do on Most Epic Win

Work that needs done on MEW:

  1. A better title for this topic. (Better is more memorable and/or easy/easy to remember to search for.)

Long story short — I had a long conversation with @Entity while in Port Elizabeth following the discussion in #off-topic about MEW becoming stale.

I’ve also had similar long conversation with other members — @Solitude, @DieGrootHammer, @Wyvern, before the OGM, during the OGM, and sometimes in casual hang-outs on Discord.

It got me thinking that it might be helpful to document all the work that needs to be done on MEW, and what my own personal hopes and dreams are for our little online home.

Maybe the ideas we write down give other people better ideas, and so on, and folks who are able to help out in certain areas can do so.

For example: @Solitude currently handles the GameClub and Brute Force competition, but maybe he doesn’t want to do it all the time. Simlarly, @Entity handles our Instagram presence, but maybe he’d like to take a break some months. @DieGrootHammer is our MEWME champion, and when he got busy I think people didn’t feel at liberty to take over “his thing”. (Or maybe we all just got busy.)

Sorry, I don’t mean to exclude anyone — there are many people contributing a lot to the site I haven’t mentioned here, and this wasn’t meant to be a shoutout (this OP is going to be edited over time anyway).

So here’s the meat of the post — I made a Trello Team and Board and it’s public for now.

Please PM me your Trello e-mail addresses and I’ll add you on if you’d like to pull in. Please also say if you prefer to use a different tool. I’ll be installing a checklist plugin on Discourse soon so we’ll also be able to use that if Trello doesn’t work.

P.S. I’m currently driving around Hermanus so might not get to your PM immediately, but I’ll attend to everything tonight.

P.P.S. You can also send your e-mail address to @Solitude and @Wyvern. I’ve made them admins of the team so long. (Hope that’s OK, you two?)


Sending pm now.


Can we check why it takes so long for new articles to appear on twitter and facebook?


what is trello :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Most Epic Work?



Its where we tried planning our articles once upon a time.