World of Warships introduces Rogue Wave battle royale mode

If there weren't enough battle royale games and modes everywhere, here's another, albeit set at sea.

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On the one hand i am like: “ah cmon not another one” and yet on the other: this could be interresting since it will most likely be a lot slower pase than most BR games.


Sea of Thieves meets PUBG.

And just as PC Gamer declares the Battle Royale gold rush “over” too. Because, you know, there was only one Battle Royale game announced at E3.

Unsurprisingly, the headline does not match the article’s conclusion:

So there are many more BR games to come, and the genre is still a massive one with lots of games fighting for a piece of it. But if E3 is any indication, developers and publishers are being much more cautious about diving headlong into battle royale than they were a year ago.