Would you be fooled by a flirty AI voice artist?

Carrying on from my looking into character creators, I came across this video…

Last month - to coincide with Valentine’s Day - Sonantic released the video below. It shows a human actor visualising the spoken thoughts of an AI generated, emotion inflecting, voice artist.

For a moment, pretend you didn’t just read that, hit the play button, maybe close your eyes, and just listen.

In all honesty, could you tell that the voice was AI generated? If you didn’t know it was, would you have immediately been able to tell? Initially, I couldn’t.

Obsidian Entertainment (Grounded, The Outer Worlds, Avowed) have been using the Sonantic AI text-to-speech voice platform in their studio recently:

This is so beyond your standard Windows text-to-speech David or Zira voice. Combined with Unreal’s MetaHuman Creator and developers have an amazing set of tools to create incredibly realistic human characters.


An afterthought…

Perhaps more worryingly, we now also have the near perfect ability to convincingly deep fake anyone. Jordan Peele was doing a convincing Obama 4 years ago already… and the technology has only gotten better since then.

“With software from the internet… a teenager with a gaming computer in their bedroom is just the kind of kid you need to do this kind of fakery.”

Stay woke, bitches!


The world indeed is becoming very scary. Thanks for sharing, I find this kinda stuff hella interesting.


I hope not.