Would you ever consider a custom shaped PC Case?

Recently watched a LTT video where they made a ‘case’ out of radiators. Then there was the famous desk PC case. On mybb a long time ago there was a guy that built his own case. @Avatar I think you also considered building your own case?

Would you consider ever building your own custom shaped case? Would it be a standard ‘shaped’ case, or would it be something more exotic shaped? A banana case /jk :stuck_out_tongue:

If I was to do one it would possibly be a desk one. It could also be something that gets bolted to the wall air tight and with good cooling.


If I ever got a really good idea for a case, I’d be willing to give it a shot. But I think the novelty factor would wear off pretty fast. And there is practicality to consider. If your components are sitting locked in desk of bolted to the wall, how easily are you going to get at that fan with the squeaky bearings or the smoking CPU?

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See the most I would do is paint it Mclaren colours :stuck_out_tongue: Or Purple or Cyan.

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Purple and Cyan. Just like the bruises on Mr Hamilton’s backside due to the hiding he’s getting in the drivers championship at the moment?


Well considering my walls are turquoise and cream, it kinda goes with the mood :stuck_out_tongue:

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As long as at least 8 of the outermost corners all have 90 degree corners os some kind, I don’t mind the rest of the form of the case.

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