WoW Classic

So anyone here going to be playing WoW Classic which is around the corner?

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Nope I did a quick 20levels to see if I feel the pull - I didnt, I uninstalled again

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So its only available as a part of the standard WoW sub?

I think I’ll pass

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YEah indeed


I play retail WoW, and I am definitely going to play Classic. It is launching at midnight tonight (I won’t be staying up for it though).

I played a bit during the launch test a few weeks ago and it was great, especially playing with a friend. I forgot how difficult Vanilla WoW could be; you have to be very careful and pulling more than 1 mob at the wrong time means death.


I saw somewhere on twitter that they removed skeletons from the game in case people try spelling nasty words with them.

Over 1 million… nice!

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Absolutely love this:

There are so many people in WoW Classic that they’re forming queues so that everyone gets a chance to pick up a quest item.


That must be some alternate dimension internet.


IKR. Gamers being bros. Who could have imagined it :joy:


@Blazzok Have you tried it out yet?

Nope. Wanted to log in last night but was faced with a queue of 22 000 people on the server we chose as a guild, with an estimated waiting time of 500 minutes. So I noped out of that.

Guildies who have been able to play log in either late at night, or early in the mornings, then there is a smaller queue. So yeah, I’ll just wait for now until the hype dies down a bit, I guess.


Why on earth do you guys choose a server with such a high pop?

When they announced the realms, we had a vote on which realm we were going to use and we all reserved characters on that realm.

Then they went ahead and released a bunch more realms the day of the launch, but it was too late for us to decide to change; a lot of the guildies had already started playing and leveling characters.

Plus, now we have a better chance of having a realm which will stay populated longer. Low pop realms now will most likely be empty first, so having a high pop realm will be annoying now but hopefully pays off in the long run.

Doubt any of the current servers are in danger of going empty

Guess only time will tell.

!remind me 3 months :grinning:

Not sure what the challenge is in WoW classic, I remember it and compare it to MMOs that came after like GW2, ESO. What exactly is the challenge in WoW, current and classic?

Not sure I understand the question 100%. What do you mean exactly?

Why is it so much a challenge?

Wow classic vs WoW Retail?
Or wow in General?

Wow classic takes work. You do not gain gold quickly. No pay to win.
You level very slowly.
You can’t just go to a tab under looking for group and just join a raid.
There are many things that make it much more immersive, and you feel like you worked hard towards something once you have achieved it

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