Xbox One X



Congratulations Flex. Glad you got an X. Get Game Pass and play some Sea of Thieves then


Nah have had every single Console, but I get too bored quick :stuck_out_tongue:
I however do not really game on PCs that much anymore, so want to get a console again for some chilled gaming


How does the Game Pass Work, never really done it before?
Almost like Humble?


Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that works similar to Netflix. You pay R159 per month, and you have access to a whole library of games that you can download and play as much as you want. Games frequently get’s added to the services on a monthly basis. All Xbox first party titles going forward, including Sea of Thieves, will be available via Xbox Game Pass


And this Library gets switched out each month I guess?


While there may be the odd game or two that gets dropped after a while, the library stays constant. Xbox has also confirmed that first-party titles will never leave the library as well. At this point, I haven’t really seen any major games leave Game Pass. Mostly they’ve just been expanding on the library.


That is great. And then I guess you have the Gold membership as well hey?


You don’t need Gold membership to get Game Pass. With Gold, you get access to multiplayer in games, Xbox party system, free games and stuff like that. But you don’t need it for Game Pass.


Yup yup, but I will definitely be playing Multiplayer, especially with games like Sea of Thieves.


even if a game pass title gets removed but you have it installed on your console you can still play it for as long as your game pass subscription is valid, if you remove the title however you wont be able to reinstall it from the gamepass library at a later time, unless it gets readded to gamepass


Hence why you guys suggested getting a 1000TB external ?


Let us know who you are on XBox so that we can add you as a friend. And congrats on the XBox One X! Great little console. It makes me happy just thinking about it.


Wow, 1 PB external…didn’t know they made petabyte external drives…:yum:


All you guys should still have me on there from the Forza Races we used to have


Ah okay good. Welcome back to the XBox family.


Have any of you tried PUBG on Xbox? From what I am reading I can seem to find many positive things


I played it on the XBox. I enjoyed it so much that I got it on pc too. The PC version was far superior but I haven’t tried the XBox version since the beginning of the year and there have been a lot of updates.


I have ever been a fan of FPS games on consoles. But might actually consider this.
But yeah, I read the the optimization is even worse on Xbox than on PC, even after the numerous updates. Played it VROT on PC, and would like to give it a bash on Xbox. Why is there no active Xbox community on MEW though? Don’t see a group or anything


You are welcome to create one. I guess we have never really thought about it since we are a couple of close friends who play on XBone.


No more Forza Challenges and stuff like that going on anymore?