Xbox One X

So I am looking at getting an Xbox One X. Anyone here have one? Or wanting to get one?
It seems like an amazing console, but worth the cash?

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I have one, and I know @Solitude also has the X. I was lucky enough to get the Scorpio edition as well.

Simply put, yes, it’s totally worth it to get the One X. It is a significant upgrade from a normal Xbox One. Not just in the smoothness of the apps, but the quality of games as well. The Xbox One X Enhanced games all look incredible. Even if you don’t have a UHD TV, the console would still be worth it. I’ve seen a significant performance increase in games overall, and the quality of the picture is just so much better.

The media apps also see a big jump in quality and performance from the older console. UHD support for Netflix, Youtube and Amazon is all there.

The hardware itself is impressive for a console yeah, and a major upgrade as you said from the Normal Xbox One.

I was looking at the Xbox one S, so you’d suggest its worth it to get the Xbox one X?

just get an External, i only have 1.6 gigs free on my X. Games like gears 4, halo 5, quantum break will fill an One X quickly, you only have 780 gig of the 1tb available for games.

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It’s definitely worth it. 4K gaming makes a huge difference!

Personally I don’t have a space problem because I delete games after I finish them. The XBox One X enhanced games do end up to be more than 100GB in size though.

The console is zippy and with Game Pass you are set with a ton of games to play, including new first party games for a very low price.

The One S is good in that it has the multimedia capabilities. but if you plan on playing games on the console, I would suggest getting the X. It is just that much better in terms of performance that the price difference can be justified.


Jis maar julle is oulik! Thanks


Where did you guys get your Xboxes btw?

Everywhere I can see is coming ± April, none that already have stock that I can see

Got mine through BT Games. Pre-ordered and collected it on release date. The supply of X’s into SA has been low since the go-live however.

Yeah, I see nothing on BT Games at all. But popped them a mail and they said hopefully in April

almost everyone that has a 1X preordered last october/november already for the initial batch SA received, i know tarryn van der byl is also struggling to get one

I got mine through AWX with the initial launch.

Guess what


(Ten Characters)

Terrible guess dammit!

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:slight_smile: I’m assuming you ordered your X

Actually found one lying around, will hopefully get it tomorrow

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Awesome. Where’d you find it?
Remember, photos or it didn’t happen :slight_smile:

BT Games, will hopefully post pics tomorrow


That’s cool. Are you getting any games with it? Is it your first Xbox?

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