You got a part in a tv series who would you want to play?


Seeing as sigstart want to play as Geralt.
So you got a part in a series who would you like to play as if we all where not introverts :smiley:

Me the fat rich politician that would get away with everything :slight_smile:


Hank Moody…


This is easy


Ragnar Lothbrok :smiley:


Hey, if we’re being ambitious.


I initially thought we were talking about roles in the Witcher, but now I see it’s any TV series, so:


I plumber that I saw in this one series where he was called out to go fix the plumbing at this moms house. It was quite strange as it was a bit cold by the mom was not wearing much clothing…

Uhm… hang on…

nvm, I still choose that guy!


Dr Cal Lightman (from series Lie To Me)