YouTube forcing non-U.S. creators to pay taxes on the U.S. proportional to their U.S viewers

The story is basically in the title. I’ve been seeing a lot of Warframe creators complaining about this. Leyzar (linked to above) goes so far as to say that this will completely kill smaller channels.

While I haven’t had time to think through the whole situation yet, it strikes me as unfair that Google/YouTube can dodge corporate taxes around the world, yet their creators are forced to pay taxes in the U.S. even when they aren’t citizens there.

If South African (or other) YouTubers are required to pay taxes in the U.S., then Google should be required to pay taxes here!


Does this affect twitch? It sounds like some law they passed, that probably shouldn’t have been passed. Imagine, paying tax to a country, that you don’t live in… fucking US


U.S. Lawmakers passing a law that makes people all over the world pay taxes to the U.S.


What happened to no double taxation agreements?


This is just going to cause alot of countries to start doing the same against USA


If you’re talking about not paying taxes on the same income in two different countries, then I think that should still apply. South African Youtubers should be able to exclude income from their channel due to it already being taxed.

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