YouTube Premium finally launched in South Africa

Google has finally launched YouTube Premium in South Africa. Known until last year as YouTube Red, the service offers a single subscription to access Google's music streaming service and disable ads on YouTube.

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IS anybody going to give this a try?

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I subscribed as soon as I read the article on BusinessTech or MyBroadband. Mostly to block the annoying ads on videos. If you take a single subscription, you get a 3 months free trial so I did that for now. After the 3 months, I’ll either continue or upgrade to family plan (the trial on the family plan is only for 1 month).

I’m not missing the ads at all :slight_smile:


I also subscribed since I was a Google Play Music subscriber in any case and this is just a little bit more.

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I’ve subbed to YouTube Premium. And so far I am enjoying it.

Some good points:

  • The YouTube Music app is very nice looking, with a clean and to the point interface
  • YouTube Music has features that Google Music doesn’t have, like personalized playlists and better discovery of music you may be in to, at least for me.
  • YouTube Premium means I don’t have to watch adds on console where most of my YouTube watching is.
  • Background YouTube app playing is a revelation for just listening to music or podcasts or any other video

Some bad points:

  • When you subscribe to artists in YouTube Music, you subscribe to their YouTube channel as well, which I absolutely hate and don’t want
  • It seems much more data heavy than Google Music on it’s own, which means less streaming
  • I can’t transfer my Google Music playlists to YouTube Music for some reason, and that is just stupid