About the Ad


No prob, working from home now I am more flexible. If my work is done then so is my day :slight_smile:

So just tell me what you need and I’ll get it done


Yay awesome, thanks @MalicE!

However if at any time you find yourself to be too busy or just don’t feel like doing it then please say so. I don’t want to be a burden at all.

The ads will always be 120x240px.

Your first mission, should you choose to accept it is to make a better looking Superbru Super Rugby ad for our Superbru pool. :slight_smile:


I’ll get right on it!

Static or animated?


Doesn’t matter. As long as it’s in an image format. So you can go wild.


But can it run Crysis?



are you using adsense? cause they are full of shit when it comes to animated banner formatting


No I coded the ad server myself.



last question: maximum file size?


The smaller the better of course.

I will whatsapp you the html that it will be served in.


/off topic.

Surprisingly, I was able to Compile Quake 3 and get it to run. Otherwise classic console Emulation, is it’s strong point if you want to game.


Nope, no ads displaying. Not running any adblocker on my laptop (that I am aware off). Will try to remember to check again tonight after I get home on my home PC.


Can you please post a screenshot of what you are seeing?

It doesn’t display on thread pages and won’t display on the mobile version of the site.


Off course, here you go:


Its not on all the pages yet, just the main one


My mistake…

Edit: I see it there.


I dig the new animated ad :slight_smile:


I find it a bit distracting to be honest.


Hehe yeah it is a bit distracting. It’s a one time thing though. Malice showed off his skills. :slight_smile: I’ll have a new one up on Monday.


I like the animating ad. It’s awesome to see, it’s not just another static picture running on a website. And let’s be honest, the reason we will be having ads on the website is to try and add revenue streams to MEW. And what better way to grab peoples attention than by having an animated ad that might get more click-throughs than a boring old static one. It’s all about the big picture man!


Its kinda imposing on the white background.

Is it possible to know if its been clicked?