About the Ad


I see some people say they can’t see it. I think it doesn’t show on mobile because we don’t want to interfere with the functionality of the site.

Otherwise can you please post a pic of what you see?

Also is there anyone out there who are good with graphics who would like to work with me to make nicer looking ads? Um, no payment unfortunately. That will go to MEW.

Any other comments?

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I’m on PC, disabled adblock, and still don’t see anything. where is it supposed to be?


Thanks, it’s top right. If possible can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?


Oky, I found the ad. @Solitude it looks like the ad only displays on the main page, and only if you are in the Categories view. It doesn’t show on any other page for me, so far.


Awesome, thank you!

@SIGSTART, we never checked the other pages! :grin:

We can leave it out inside threads but it should probably show on the other main pages since some people don’t have the categories as their main page.


This is what I see, and like I said, only on the categories page (which I don’t really use at the moment). I use the Latest screen.


I see things are happening, I can see the ad on the Latest page as well now (in the same spot as above)


It’s probably not a good idea to take hallucinogens at work.


Also that was very quick @SIGSTART. Nicely done.


Fortunately the plugin I use made that easy.

Uh, I mean, I’m a 1337 webdev h4xx0r. Ph34Я me.


You’re not my mom!

Also interesting, if you refresh the page, the ad shows right in the middle. It’s a very quick loading, sneaky ad :smiley:



Haha that’s pretty cool.


Even with adblock on the ad shows - so yay for you soli


Awesome, that’s good to hear. Thanks for the feedback Wyv!


Can anyone make pretty small ads for fun?


Maybe @MalicE


And maybe @Glordit




Thou hast been summoned.

Um but I know you just started a new job and stuff. So I know you are busy.

Basically we have ads now and I’m looking for someone to help make nice ones because I’m just a poor programmer from a poor family.


Half my PC is in JHB the other half is with me. I’ll be more than happy to pitch in, but until I can get everything working again, I am limited to a Raspberry Pi.