About the Ad


No, not currently. I can easily code it in however.


Would it perhaps be possible to have the ad animate a few times, and then it stops and is static?


Yes, I actually have a version of it where it does the animation once and then stops.

He gave me two versions and um I picked the one that animates the whole time. :slight_smile:


I LOVE the new ad!!! Yay


Haha cool I’m glad you like it.


You are not the only one :smiley: @solitude - is there not space for 2? One for your superbru and which ever is our mewmultiplayer


Hehe yeah there’s space for two. The second one will go to a different advertiser.

I will rotate the top ad with new ads every now and then for all kinds of things. I’m not actually paying for it yet but it will eventually point to some of my sites every now and then.



Last one - WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY does it have to say Ad?


Silly Wyv. If it doesn’t say Ad then how are you going to know that it’s an Ad?


Ok. . . .

I just think we have clever enough people on this forum to realise it is an ad . . . . .



Haha you’ll have to speak with @SIGSTART about it.


What you could do is change it from an h2 to something less bold. Maybe the same font like the other stuff in line.


I too have wondered this thing.


Seeeeeeeeeee its not just me!


i also thought it was odd


Haha I like the new word.


Lol +1 for propaganda.


Haha, Propaganda. I like it!


The Ad for the upcoming GameClub is pretty cool!


Special thanks to @MalicE for the new Game Club ad!