About the Ad


The link when you click the ad is broken now.


Ah yes! I will quickly change it. Thanks @FriedPet!


I like the new ad, however it does say “Proganda” when you hover over it :smiley:



I can make it not say that if you’d like.


/shrug, I’m undecided about spots.

Just thought it was a typo perhaps. If it was intentional, then I have to congratulate your sneakiness :slight_smile:


I didn’t think anyone would see it. It actually used to have context depending on the ad.


I has seen it! It cannot be unseen.


I will make it say Blazzok was here. But will only do so this evening. Maybe it’s time for a new ad.

Anyone have something that they want to have an ad for?


So…what’s up with the current ad? The Cult of Mars Argo?


Soli has a thing for Mars Argo :slight_smile:

And there is a cult following I guess, since she just kind of dissappeared.


@Blazzok has it spot on. I love her voice. It’s like honey.

And she recently appeared again after having been gone for a long while! She’s making music again. So happy about that. So yes I’m supporting the Cult of Mars Argo this week. It’s for a good cause. :blush:


I have no idea who or what that is


Hopefully the ad will inspire some people to find out what it is. :grin:

She has always been shrouded in mystery so it feels fitting to do it this way.


Ooh, interesting. If I remember I’ll have a look at the new music


Who do I chat to regarding getting an ad on the site? @Solitude @SIGSTART

I have a friend who is part of the production team for Glitched and I was chatting about the possibility of them advertising here on MEW.


I know that @SIGSTART will definitely be interested. It can replace my one maybe?

@SIGSTART we can discuss this if you’d like.


Ya I thought it could be an opportunity to bring in some money for the site upkeep.


Sounds good. Happy to keep yours, @Solitude and shift it down or whatever. Depends on what the Glitched guys want.


Off topic, but I love Glitched. Done


You’ve spelt “Propaganda” wrong in your tool-tip. Again. :stuck_out_tongue: