All things Rainbow 6 Siege

It’s nice for warm up and stuff

anyone playing tonight? I am a bit noob but gooi me an invite if you would like to play.


You still on? Can jump on and game if you are game

damn it sorry man, I went to take a short nap, and ended up waking up 4 hours later O.o

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No worries dude, played on the test server abit. Ping is raping me alot

Not surprised by this.

At least they are trying.

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They are,just wondering how long until they really fix her

This is quite interesting. I know that every gadget runs through Mira hence the Mira notes when gadgets get changes

None of my friends want to play this game(looking at you @SlinX ) and I have it. And we used to play the crap out of R6V2 Terrorist Hunt back in the days. So willing to join you guys sometime for this. And Like Oltman, I too do not want to play with Randoms, you guys here are less random.


Shot just join the MEW cord and we’ll jam sometime


I will be playing tonight! Need to get to Out of Gold Rank!

Yeah I can’t climb rank so waiting for new season to drop

Shot so I’m online if anyone wants to join :mechanical_arm:

Why can’t I seem to find you on uplay?

I can’t find you

I found INF4M0U5 but not IN_F4M0U5

Check your steam