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Everything sport related goes here. We have a rugby thread and a F1 thread, but that’s it.

So all other sport can go here. Cricket, Tennis; heck even curling if you feel so inclined.


For those who don’t follow cricket, it’s been a hectic few weeks, especially this last week.

The test series between Australia and SA has been in the media for all the wrong reasons, with it culminating in a very big thing in the third test.

There was evidence of ball tampering by Australia (caught on video and then Australia admitted as much during a post match interview). The International Cricket Council (ICC) enacted really light punishments on the players involved and a lot of people were outraged.

Just after this, Cricket Australia decided to take matters into their own hands, and banned the Captain and Vice Captain for 12 months.

Smith, Warner banned for 12 months by CA

Today the Aussie cricket coach has resigned, even though he was found not guilty.

Lehmann steps down as Australia coach


I am absolutely convinced that Lehmann (and probably a fair number of the rest of the team) were fully aware of the whole thing. I also sincerely doubt that Cape Town was the first time they did something like this on this tour, if not on other tours as well (there’s a clip floating around of Bancroft shoving sugar in his pocket during one of the recent England tests.)

I think he has resigned now because I don’t think Warner will be able to keep his mouth shut for ever. He is going to get pissed in an outback pub somewhere and blab the whole story sooner or later.


heck even curling if you feel so inclined.

Too bad the olympics is over, that’s the only time I really watch curling any more (seeing as its the only time I can see games :P)

And please, no NHL scores, I usually watch games 2-3 days late… At least my team has clinched their playoff spot.


What a weekend for sports enthusiasts. We have the Super Rugby games going on, Commonwealth Games is also underway, there’s an F1 race on Sunday, The Masters is currently underway. SO MUCH SPORT!!! I love it!


Since we moved the house around I am 10m short on my DSTV cable so no sports for me

That being said on Sunday I am moving the tv to watch F1.

I miss out on a lot of sport as I cant sit still for long


What DSTV contract you on? Consider streaming via their DSTV Now site? It’s not perfect, but better than nothing.


This is how I watch F1 at my brother’s - we stream it via the laptop - it was decent.


And don’t forget the Hong Kong 7s too.


NHL playoffs start April 11th.


ny NFL Fans on MEW?


Unfortunately wifi is expensive here. We don’t have lines or LTE only line of sight sattelite


I like CFL, but don’t know where to find games…


I have never watched that. I find it always so overwhelming to start watching a new league. You dont know who is who or what is going on. Took me years to finally get the NFL down.


Its basically NFL with less teams (which equals more rivalry), 10 more yards on the field, and only 3 downs (which makes a faster paced game)


Hectic. I didn’t even know that.


I’m glad Partick Reed won The Masters, but I was hoping Rory would take it this year. Unfortunately he had a horrible last round.

The Lions really impressed me with a game where they looked like the tour-de-force team they’ve been for the past few years. Hope they can keep the form

The Hong Kong 7s was a bit of a let down seeing as most players are all at the Commonwealth Games. Hell even our coach wasn’t in Hong Kong. That said, those youngsters really impressed, and the future is bright for the Blitzbokke

SA is doing really well at the Commonwealth games thus far, with a fair few gold medals to show for.

Overall a great weekend of sport. Just a pity I missed the F1


And the Man U comeback against City was amazing!


If anyone is interested in watching the Ironman happening here today it’s live streamed here:

It streams till midnight tonight.


Not that anyone cares about ice hockey, but the Winnipeg Jets got slaughtered in game 3 (best of 7) against Minnesota. Their flight got rerouted and they had an extra day of travel due to weather, so I can’t say I’m totally surprised… At least we still lead the series 2-1.