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I had NHL hockey on my 360, what a fast paced exciting game!
I played as the Philadelphia Eagles, purely because Barry Goldberg from the Goldbergs TV series supported them


Flyers… You mean the Flyers :wink:

But ya, I love the sport. That’s why I’m playing Thursday nights :slight_smile: I still have a long way to go, my cardio is pretty bad.

My brother is always telling me to watch that show. I saw a few episodes, but there’s so many similarities to when we were growing up, its crazy.


I would love to play hockey - mighty ducks for the win :duck:
I’ve Ice Skated once at a rink in Durban. Lots and lots of fun. Before the session ended the one side started to melt a bit. thats the only section I fell in. Got soaking wet


Wow, I thought that Durban had a better rink than that. Ours in constantly melting… I’m just hoping it gets better during the winter.

Doesn’t help some of the guys don’t know how to drive the zamboni, and even spilled hydrollic fluid all over the ice. I have a video of them ‘resurfacing’ the ice with squeegees…


there was some internationl tournament that was held in cape town a year or two ago (GO YSBOKKE!) and we took the company to go watch a s a night out thing. I fucking loved it. Went back every single night for the rest of the week. Such an awesome sport to watch.


There’s another one coming up May 11th, iirc. I’ll double check.

Winnipeg Jets are up 3-1 in the series against Minneapolis in the NHL playoffs right now :smiley:


Fuck yes. Will def go again.


My mistake, it has already started, on until the 22nd

May 11th I think is our fancy dress party at the Nelspruit rink lol


yeah just found it on computicket now. awesome.


So i want to take up one of these. All of them look fun except no.3


I’ll pass on #4… I don’t do laundry


I say good for him.


I agree. What a legend.


Kevin Anderson about to start his Wimbledon Men’s Semi-Final match. If he wins, he’ll be the first South African to contest a Wimbledon Final since 1929! (SuperSport 6) His opponent John Isner leads their Head-to-Head 8-3.

Also Kgothatso Montjane contesting the Women’s Wheelchair Semi Final at the moment, but struggling in the 1st set. (SuperSport 11) Significant in that she is the first black South African woman to represent not just the country, but also the continent at Wimbledon.


I have to ask tho, how South African is Kevin these days


:grin: LOL, fair point. Mind you, we still lay claim to Elon and Charlize so Kevin counts too!


Elon yes, Charlize who??? :stuck_out_tongue:


Incredible tennis match. 61/2 hours, 50 games in the 5th set. Unbelievable.


He was probably so fatigued during today’s game. He did incredibly well however.


So the Rugby Championship started, and at least the Boks won their game. That first half was poor, but they came out absolutely swinging in the second half. And Ampiwe Djanti is an absolute beast of a wing!! That dude is going to be a Springbok for a long ass time!